How It All

Frobi International is every person’s solution to getting a home mortgage and financing. We saw the gap in the market and the lack of knowledge that everyone should have before getting a house.

We strongly believe that people should be able to build their new homes without the hassle of hopping from bank to bank or facing struggles with finding the right home that suits their needs. Thus Frobi came to life, to be the facilitator people need in the GCC to help get houses and turn them into homes.

What Sets Us apart

We are an independent business looking after your needs first and foremost
Frobi is here for the people, to help educate and assist them. Our team comes from the Netherlands to Dubai to create new opportunities and make your dream a reality.

We are more than just a company, we are individuals with over 15 years of experience in banking, real estate, and business management.

It is crucial that we shed the light on important aspects of home financing that might not be aware of. Our knowledge and expertise is not just in mortgages, but we will also provide you a consultation in other areas like insurance, pensions, savings, legal assistance, and more.

Ready to turn a house into a home?